Health Care Transition in State Title V Programs: A Review of 2018 Block Grant Applications and Recommendations for 2020

by Samhita Ilango, Margaret McManus, and Daniel Beck. Got Transition, September 2018.

This report summarizes the health care transition (HCT) efforts of 32 states that elected to prioritize HCT as one of their five selected priority NPMs (in addition to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), as reported in state Title V agencies’ 2018 Block Grant Applications. The report highlights examples of HCT innovations pertaining to 1) education and leadership development with families and youth; 2) outreach and education efforts with health care professionals; 3) communication and social media efforts to update and disseminate state-of-the-art HCT information; 4) systems development efforts with sister state agencies; and 5) practice improvement initiatives. The report also offers a detailed set of recommendations for the 2020 State Title V Action Plan, due in 2019, which will lay the groundwork for the following five years. See more →