Improving connections to care and coverage for healthy futures.


The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health is devoted to education, policy analysis, technical assistance, and advocacy in support of long-term, systemic improvements in comprehensive health care and insurance coverage for adolescents.


The health of America's adolescents is key to their future success.


There are over 39 million adolescents ages 13 through 21 in the United States. An estimated 20% of those adolescents live in families whose income is below 100% of the federal poverty level. A sizeable proportion of adolescents, especially low income adolescents, have limited or no access to health and mental health care. At a time when behavioral risk, onset of mental health conditions dramatically increases, all too often adolescents, particularly males, are disconnected from needed care.


Please consider participating in our efforts to scale our work to achieve long-term systemic improvements in comprehensive healthcare and coverage for adolescents. An investment in the health of our nation's adolescents is an investment in their success and in ours.  


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