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myHealth for Teens & Young Adults
Hopkins, Minnesota

myHealth for Teens & Young Adults is a 501c3 non-profit organization that began in 1971 when a group of local health care providers, school professionals, law enforcement, church officials, and high school students came together to address the increase in unplanned pregnancies and the emergence of sexually transmitted infections among the youth population in the Western Suburbs of the Twin Cities. In February of 1972, West Suburban Teen Clinic opened its first clinic with one full-time nurse, a Board of Directors, 125 volunteer nurses, 30 volunteer lab technicians and 20 volunteer physicians. Over the years, myHealth has expanded its services beyond the medical clinic to include Mental Health services and Educational Programs. It partners with school districts, community organizations and coalitions to meet the growing needs of young people and their families in the areas we serve. In 2012, the organization changed its name to myHealth for Teens & Young Adults to reflect these changes.

myHealth staff is attuned to the unique physical, emotional and social needs of our clients. It serves uninsured and low-income youth, including pregnant and parenting teens, between the ages of 12-23 for clinical services and 12-26 for mental health services. It serves clients in Hennepin, Carver and Scott counties. Nearly 100% of its clients fall at or below 250% of the national poverty guidelines. myHealth services are offered to uninsured clients based on a sliding fee scale. No one is ever turned away for service due to their inability to pay. In 2014, myHealth provided nearly $1.0 million in uncompensated care to young people and their families.

Each day at myHealth for Teens & Young Adults, staff is inspired by the young people they encounter. Whether in the clinic, in a school or in the community, myHealth provides support to teens in need. Often myHealth is the first place a youth finds help and information that empowers them to make better choices and to be well-informed.

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