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Adolescent Medicine and Young Adult Medical Practice at Children's Hospital Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

As the oldest adolescent medicine clinic in the U.S., the Adolescent Medicine and Young Adult Medical Practice at Children's Hospital Boston has been providing comprehensive interdisciplinary physical and mental health care for adolescents and young adults ages 10 to 23 since 1951. A multidisciplinary staff of adolescent medicine specialists, nurse practitioners, nurses, nutritionists, HIV counselors, and mental health professionals working collaboratively provide more than 17,000 primary care and specialty patient visits each year at Children's Hospital and four community-based satellite locations.

As part of its outreach to adolescents and their parents, the clinic uses 21st century technologies to bring health information to adolescents and connect them with health care services. It has developed two interactive websites, and, that not only provide more than 150 easy-to-read, accurate, and professionally developed health guides on specific adolescent health topics that range from body piercing and acne to menstrual problems and STIs but also provide a forum for adolescents to share their health concerns with staff from the practice. These online chats occur monthly in the evening on specific topics and are meant to provide support and general information. Monthly chats have been held on polycystic ovarian syndrome, MRKH (vaginal and uterine anomalies), and endometriosis. Youth advisors have had an integral role in the development of the sites and have an ongoing role in peer education and outreach and education activities, including writing articles for the quarterly Teen Talk newsletter.

The practice also has a particular commitment to providing care to special adolescent populations with reproductive endocrine issues and eating disorders and those at risk for or living with HIV. The Reproductive Endocrine Program provides specialized care to girls with absent or irregular menses, polycystic ovary syndrome, and a variety of other gynecologic complaints. The Eating Disorders Program provides multidisciplinary consultative care to adolescents with anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and other disordered eating issues. Its Boston HAPPENS program provides free HIV counseling and testing, comprehensive clinical care to HIV positive youth, and a variety of counseling and support services for patients and families, including case management and individual and group therapy. Staff also work closely with youth-serving organizations on HIV prevention and intervention strategies and provide technical assistance, consultation, and staff in-service trainings. Faculty and fellows are also involved in a variety of research projects that focus on developing new interventions for improving adolescent health such as obesity, eating disorders, STIs, media, and bone health.

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