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The Corner Health Center
Ypsilanti, Michigan

Serving a primarily low-income clientele for 27 years in its freestanding, community-based location, the Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan has as its mission to help young people make healthy choices now and in the future by providing high quality primary health care, education, and support for adolescents and their children without regard to income level. It provides not only comprehensive, interdisciplinary physical, reproductive, and behavioral health care for adolescents ages 12 to 21 but also on site pediatric care and WIC services for the children of adolescent parents. “Everything I need for my body and even my mind is right here. All in one place. Makes it a lot easier, with my baby and everything,” reports one patient. Nearly 2,000 adolescents - about half of whom are African American - make approximately 7,000 visits each year to the center.

Medical staff are affiliated with the University of Michigan Health System and the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and include primary care physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, social workers, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nutritionists, and health educators. The center's clinical services include wellness, acute, and chronic medical care; psychiatric care and counseling; nutritional education and counseling; STD testing, treatment, and follow-up; prenatal and postpartum care; and family planning education and birth control services.

The Center also offers a range of other services. For example, Mom Power! is a special group for adolescent mothers who come together for six classes facilitated by social workers. Topics include child development, self medication and substance use, and how to connect with and play with children. For adolescents aging out of foster care services, the Center's Foster Care Resource Program educates them about other types of available assistance and how to apply for it. Monthly skill building workshops provide practical information on applying for jobs, obtaining a lease, managing finances, and other life skills. In addition, the center has organized a theatre troupe that has been critical for community outreach and education. Comprised of high school peer educators, the troupe performs interactive, educational skits and follow-up workshops in the community on dating violence, teen depression, HIV and STDs, and prevention of the use/abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

In an effort to meet its clients' basic needs, the center offers additional, nonmedical services, such as an on-site food pantry that provides nonperishable food items for any client who needs them. A Patient Assistance Fund is also available for clients who need monetary assistance in order to procure transportation to medical appointments, prescription drugs, or emergency medical needs. Patients also earn “points” for attending health care appointments that can be used to purchase a range of products from the Corner store, including personal care items, baby products, and gift cards to area movie theaters and stores.

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