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Teen Health Connection
Charlotte, North Carolina

The premier healthcare provider for adolescents in Charlotte and surrounding North Carolina areas, Teen Heath Connection is an integrative medical practice providing comprehensive care for teens and their families. Established in 1992, Teen Health Connection offers medical and mental healthcare, prevention initiatives, and health education services for adolescents between the ages of 11 and 22. A multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and clinical staff are all trained to provide adolescent specialty care in a family-centered environment.

The mission of Teen Health Connection is “to improve the health of adolescents by providing physical and mental healthcare, education, advocacy and research through connections with teens, parents and the community." This is achieved through numerous health education initiatives both in the clinic and greater community. Programming is designed and implemented with teens and their families as the focal point and facilitated by professionals with extensive experience.

Within the clinic, longer patient appointment times accommodate a comprehensive approach to medical care. In addition to provider face time, patients may encounter a registered dietician for nutritional counseling, a health educator for prevention, or a social worker for therapy referrals and community resources. To complement this medical treatment, integrative care provided at Teen Health Connection allows patients and their families to receive mental health therapy onsite. In addition, Teen Health Connection is host to the Center for Disordered Eating (CDE), an outpatient eating disorder clinic, staffed with the medical director, a registered dietician, and a team of mental health therapists.

In the community, Teen Health Connection has an upstanding reputation of education and prevention. Free parenting classes designed with a curriculum developed from Parenting the Love and Logic Way are offered at no cost to individuals in the community. Female adolescents have the opportunity to participate in Girls Educated and Motivated for Success (GEMS), a pregnancy prevention initiative, and any teen can request a 1-on-1 health education session through Teen Health Connection’s Healthy Relationships program. Each month, a health topic is observed and discussed through a free text messaging campaign, an e-newsletter, and all facets of social media.

Teen Health Connection is also proud to collaborate with community members to live out their mission of “empowering teens be healthy, safe, and successful." Adolescents from local high schools serve on the Teen Advisory Board and are a voice for their peers. Professionals, volunteers, and community stakeholders also contribute by serving on the Youth Drug Free Coalition and Board of Directors. To make an appointment, call 704-381-TEEN(8336).

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