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Girls to Women Health and Wellness
Dallas, Texas

Girls to Women Health and Wellness is an innovative primary care practice that provides a range of health care services tailored to the unique physical, mental, and emotional needs of young women. Started by two pediatricians more than five years ago, the practice was conceived as an independent clinic for females ages 10-25 to obtain the multidisciplinary services they needed in a teen-friendly environment with the appropriate sensitivity to their health care concerns. As a stand-alone practice, Girls to Women currently sees 2,600 patients from all over the North Texas area, accepting most private insurance plans and cash payment with fee adjustment for special circumstances on a case by case basis.

The primary care team at Girls to Women is comprised of two lead physicians, an office manager, a patient coordinator/social worker, a receptionist, and a medical assistant, all of whom work together to offer comprehensive preventive visits and continuing primary care services to patients, addressing not only general medical concerns, but a range of adolescent health issues such as pregnancy prevention, weight issues, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. When appropriate, patients are referred for mental health counseling, communication skills training, and nutrition therapy services to affiliated providers co-located in the same office suite as Girls to Women. The physicians also work closely with specialty physicians and behavioral health professionals throughout the community to coordinate care based on patients' individual situations. Upon request, the team provides pre-visit consultations to parents about their daughters' health care needs. To streamline the appointment process, Girls to Women has implemented a patient portal to allow patients to fill out screening and other pertinent information prior to the visit.

As a primary care practice, Girls to Women has developed a unique set of classes and workshops that bring patients and their families together for both health education and personal development. These activities include interactive group discussions covering adolescent health topics such as healthy nutrition, dating violence, and stress management. They also offer babysitting training with CPR, mother-daughter classes on self defense, yoga classes, Girl Scout workshops, and summer camps. Classes designed for parents range from promoting resilience to raising sexually healthy teens. Girls to Women sends out a monthly e-mail newsletter to patients filled with health tips, future events, and news about relevant adolescent health topics.

Striving to be health leaders in their community, the adolescent health clinicians at Girls to Women extend their expertise to not only their patient base but the surrounding area as well.They serve as a resource for area primary care physicians to address patients' specific health issues and give talks at schools and local organization on various subjects related to young women's health. Further, they have consulted with Dallas Children's Theater on a number of award-winning plays that address teen health issues and which have been staged all over the country. In the future, Girls to Women plans to effectively consolidate mental health services in its practice, expand its patient portal, and implement an obesity prevention and treatment program. Notably, the practice is also looking to develop a corresponding facility for young men in the same location to provide them a parallel set of comprehensive health care services.

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